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Internationellt: 12 tips for new teachers — and those starting anew in 2014

”Know exactly how you will manage the students the minute they walk in the door and use these strategies consistently throughout the year,” writes ASCD author Jenny Edwards. In a recent Inservice post, Edwards shares 12 tips for success as educators begin their career (or school year) and continue growing in the teaching profession.

Internationellt: What would a ‘slow education movement’ look like?

Educator Shelley Wright argues that it’s time for a ”slow education movement,” where children are allowed to learn at their own pace, but more slowly, freely and thoroughly.

Internationellt: Three video games that teach programming through play

Play can release code from the rules and structures that drive it.

Lek- och läsglädje för alla elever

På Hagbyskolan i Kalmar har höstens stora läsprojekt just dragit i gång. Genom att få alla elever att jobba mot samma mål hoppas lärarna att barnens språkutvecklingen ska öka.

Nytt verktyg för att lyckas med skolans digitalisering

Med LIKA, it-tempen för skolan blir det enklare att följa upp, prioritera och planera insatser inom IT i skolan.

Tio tips som får barn att börja läsa

DN:s Lotta Olsson och läsambassadören Johanna Lindbäck, listar tio knep för att få barnen att läsa mer.

Internationellt: Key to better education is more expert teachers

New Zealand educational researcher and author John Hattie recently spoke with educators in Alberta, Canada, about his vision for improving education. According to Hattie, officials should focus more on improving teacher quality and less on smaller class sizes and inquiry-based learning.

Internationellt: Dayton classroom is ‘totally transparent’

A daily classroom blog, a cellphone and social media are the technological tools used by an Indiana elementary school teacher to connect with parents and keep them informed about students’ work. ”You never know if there’s going to be a gap in communication and whether or not parents are getting the information I send home,” […]

Internationellt: 5 stimulating web apps that will engage K-5 students

Sheree Schulson, a second- and third-grade teacher in Florida, writes in this commentary about a number of Web applications she is using to motivate and engage students in classroom lessons. One of these apps is Voice Thread, which allows students to add audio or text elements to videos and photos.

Internationellt: Integrating game-based learning into the school year

Teacher Michele Huppert challenges educators in this blog post to incorporate educational games in the classroom as they prepare for the school year. She suggests games that are challenging, yet fun, and writes that the games ”teach important content through engaging game mechanics and are based on learning theory.”