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UR Samtiden – Readme 2015 – Spelifierad!

Vad är spelifiering eller gamification? Karin Ryding och Bobbi Augustine Sand från Ozma Games samt Marita Ljungqvist, lektor och pedagogisk utvecklare, Lunds universitet diskuterar fenomenet. De visar exempel på spel och pratar om hur man kan använda spel i undervisning. (webb-tv)

Internationellt: Tech Tip: Spur innovation through “growth mindset”

To encourage teachers to innovate using technology, they should be encouraged to develop a ”growth mindset,” writes Andrew Hamilton, technology integration specialist at Northeast Metro Intermediate District 916 in Minnesota. In this blog post, he writes that this mindset will not develop overnight and shares several tips to help foster the change.

Internationellt: Why parents should talk a lot to their young kids – and choose their words carefully

‘In the end, the 30 million word gap is a window into the parent-child relationship.’

UK test results rise after phonics-based reading instruction

Officials in England are pointing to recent reading test results as evidence that its phonics-based approach to instruction is paying off.

China seeks to model classroom lessons after US approach

Chinese educators in Beijing are working with Boston College Professor Mike Barnett to integrate more US-style teaching methods in their classrooms. The method focuses on innovation – rather than memorising – and ties real-world examples to academic lessons.

Internationellt: How educators can manage stress and build resilience

I want to introduce a strategy to cultivate emotional resilience by asking you to recall the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Remember the scene where Dorothy awakens in the land of Oz and everything is in color? I would like to offer you a strategy that might result in the same perspective shift in your […]

Internationellt: Teaching that spurs thinking

”The ‘good old days’ weren’t perfect,” writes Carol Ann Tomlinson in her September Educational Leadership column. ”Nonetheless, I felt more like a teacher when my colleagues and I discussed how to help our students become better questioners and thinkers.” Read why she thinks the current era of testing and accountability has created a tougher climate […]

UR: Lärarrummet – Fyra grundpelare för matematikundervisningen

Eva Björklund utvecklar läromedel i matematik. Hon är även lärare i matematik och NO på Herrgårdsskolan i Göteborg och baserar sin undervisning på fyra grundpelare som hon menar är nödvändiga för en god matematikundervisning. Under en dag följer vi Eva för att få veta mer om dessa grundpelare och om vad det är som får […]

Internationellt: Schools and creativity: A teacher’s Perspective

In this blog on Inservice, Sabeen Masaud, a teacher in Islamabad, Pakistan, explains why it’s time to shift from superficial activities and programs in schools toward meaningful learning experiences and real creativity.

Internationellt: Teachers turn to Twitter for solutions, connection

Educators say the social media platform offers immediacy and practicality often lacking from school PD programs.