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I Botkyrka har skolorna antivåldsarbete på schemat

Dagens Nyheter

Tidiga och långsiktigt förebyggande insatser. Nu har tre skolor i Botkyrka bestämt sig för att permanent införa antivåldsarbete på schemat.– Jag tänker redan annorlunda när jag ser bråk, säger Mayram Kuyateh, 15, en av dem som fått bli mentor i satsningen.

Internationellt: Harnessing the power of teacher leaders


In this Inservice blog post, teachers Barry Saide and Rebecca McLelland-Crawley, along with superintendent David Aderhold, share that teacher leaders flourish in environments that are supported by administrative teams who acknowledge teachers as partners in achieving goals.

Internationellt: Virtual, blended schools growing despite struggles, analysis finds


More students in the US are enrolling in virtual and blended-learning schools, according to data from the National Education Policy Center. However, graduation rates at such schools continue to lag far behind rates at traditional schools, prompting some to call for policymakers.

Internationellt: Football makes schoolchildren happier


Student health improves when they play football twice a week as part of the school curriculum, shows new study.

Internationellt: School readiness eroded by chronic illness

Reuters Specialpedagogik

A study in Pediatrics found that chronically ill youths had a 19% to 36% increased likelihood of having developmental delays in physical abilities, social skills, emotional maturity, language and cognitive abilities and communication skills by the time they entered school, compared with those without chronic illness.

Internationellt: Root is a robot teaching children code


Officials at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard have developed a robot they say can teach even young children to code. The robot, Root, looks similar to a vacuuming bot and is intended, its creators say, to make coding fun for students and teachers who may not be familiar with it.

Internationellt: Report: How school leaders can transform learning with technology

The Journal

A coalition that includes the US Department of Education has collaborated with education leaders nationwide to release a report that offers a blueprint on providing equitable access to technology-based learning experiences. The report highlights key considerations, such as privacy and security, and recommends ways of improving access and instruction.

Internationellt: When kids are bullied, what can parents do?


Knowing how to help bullied kids can be tough for parents, especially during middle school when kids are developing their identities.

Internationellt: ”Inkludering kjem ikkje av seg sjølv”

Forskning.no Specialpedagogik

Barn med utviklingshemming og store samansette lærevanskar blir møtt med låge forventningar og mangelfull pedagogisk innsats. Haldningsarbeid, kompetanseheving og bruk av teknologi ser ut til å auke det faglege og sosiale utbyttet for gruppa.

Digitalisering av framtidens prov och provmiljöer diskuteras

Umeå universitet

Frågor om hur prov liknande Högskoleprovet kan och bör se ut lyfts på den internationella konferensen Framtidens prov och provmiljöer. Den äger rum i Umeå 16–17 juni och arrangeras av Umeå universitet.