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Knowledge Compromise(d)? Ways and values of coproduction in academia


Vad händer med det traditionella akademiska fältet när andra aktörer gör anspråk på att vara legitima kunskapsproducenter? Josefine Fischers doktorandprojekt handlar om samverkan mellan forskare och företag.


Josefine Fischer


Professor Mats Benner, Lunds universitet


Fredrik Åström

Disputerat vid

Lunds universitet



Titel (eng)

Knowledge Compromise(d)? Ways and values of coproduction in academia


Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Knowledge Compromise(d)? Ways and values of coproduction in academia

This thesis deals with the colonisation of the university by market forces. The object of inquiry is coproduction of academic knowledge between academic and non-academic actors in newly established universities and university colleges in Sweden. The development of knowledge as a main competitive advantage for commercial companies, and the shift in policies accompanying this development, provides an explanation for the introduction of market mechanisms into the governance of university research. The main contribution of the thesis, however, is the analyses of three coproducing research centres – in service research, engineering and collaborative media – on the basis of epistemology, interpreted as different knowledge cultures. In most policy accounts knowledge is treated as homogeneous, which is problematic as it conceals differences in academic disciplines’ relations to the object or phenomenon of inquiry. Such differences have bearing on publication patterns, prospects of generating academic credibility and possibilities to engage external partners in coproduction relationships. Importantly, this has an impact on the prospects of attracting various sources of funding that are of significance for newly established universities and university colleges with fewer fixed resources than the old universities. It is argued that not only are we witnessing a colonisation of the entire university by market forces, but also a colonisation of social science and humanities by science – scientific perspectives and work ways and the technical knowledge interest.

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