Being moved to the outer edge. Experiences of working with newly arrived students in a newly diverse school

The purpose of the study is to examine and analyse teachers’ and their principal’s experiences of receiving a group of newly arrived students at a newly diverse school, in order to highlight how this impacts professional practice and what is important to take into account when receiving and teaching newly arrived students. The study is based on experiences from a research-and development program, with additional data gathered from semi-structured interviews with eight teachers and a principal at a rural school. The theoretical point of departure is Wenger’s (1998) theory on communities of practice and legitimate peripheral participation. The results show that the teachers were not prepared for the sudden change in the practice, and that the teachers’ were frustrated with being limited as professionals. The change wasn’t merely a change in student demographics but a significant change in the community or practice. Analytically, we understand this as being moved to the outer edge, from being central participants in the practice. The result shows that such a change requires focus on preparations and structures for reflection and support, so that teachers are able to again become competent actors and develop their teaching, in relation to newly arrived students.

Författare: Anna Ehrlin, Ulrika Jepson Wigg

Being moved to the outer edge. Experiences of working with newly arrived students in a newly diverse school

International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, ISSN 1694-2493, Vol. 18, nr 7

Sidan publicerades 2019-11-26 16:52 av Moa Duvarci Engman

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