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Re-examining the functioning of educational markets: Does the private-subsidised sector contribute to school diversification?

14 mars
This article offers new empirical evidence regarding the limits of the premises of educational privatisation policies. Educational markets rely on the assumption that private participation has the potential to boost school diversification and open new educational opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Forskning och utveckling kategorier

The local market makers: Swedish municipalities as preschool quasi-market organisers

9 januari
This study explores the different ways in which Swedish municipalities act as quasi-market organisers in the preschool setting. Following organisational theory, we analyse their market shaping activities in translating national regulations in efforts to influence, support and control their local preschool quasi-market.

Principals’ financial and pedagogical challenges when choosing programs and educational materials: the scope of the private education industry for preschools

9 januari
In this context, this study examines how the growth of the private education industry within the education system has influenced preschool principals’ work in Iceland. Our critical theoretical perspective aims to explore how educational trends grounded in neoliberalism have shaped the work of preschool principals.

Welfare institutions as knowledge factories: Danish ‘welfare export’ of childcare know-how to China

9 januari
This article examines how public welfare institutions in Denmark are reconfigured into knowledge factories. Since the 1990s, Denmark has sought to export “welfare” solutions as a way of extracting knowledge on social practices already happening in institutions of the welfare state for economic purposes.

“We help Germany create greater equality.” Logics and rationales in exporting ‘Scandinavian’ early childhood education and care

9 januari
This study targets hitherto largely understudied empirical processes and activities through which certain ideas and imaginaries are being commercialised and used by corporate actors in the global Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) industry. The aim is to analyse and critically discuss representations of the Scandinavian ECEC regime in the context of ECEC export.