A two-step process for reducing chronic absenteeism

Removing obstacles to get students in the door is only the first step to combating chronic absenteeism, according to the National School Climate Center. Maurice Elias writes in this article about the first step and shares that creating a welcoming environment that inspires, supports, respects and engages students is the next step.

Sidan publicerades 2019-06-19 15:51 av John Miller

Rektor i förskolan

Rektor i förskolan

Den här konferensen fokuserar på din roll som chef och ledare med högaktuella föreläsningar om det pedagogiska ledarskapet och din professionsutveckling. Hur leder du i förändring och hur görs en nulägesanalys? Vi tar avstamp i de frågor som är specifika för förskolans verksamhet, men belyser även ämnen utifrån din yrkesroll som chef över en mångbottnad verksamhet.

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Finalist till Publishingpriset 2019!

Finalist till Publishingpriset 2019!

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Det perfekta klassrummet

Till Källbrinksskolan i Huddinge kommer skolfolk, politiker och arkitekter på studie­besök. Här har studieron ökat tack vare ny möblering och inredning i klassrummet.

Girls would do better in maths and science tests if exams were made longer, study finds

Female students appear to be better at sustaining accuracy over time during tests, according to a study that looks at data from the Program for International Student Assessment and compares student performance at different stages of tests.

5 steps to become a true school leader

There are five keys to effective school leadership, writes Matthew Joseph of Milford Public Schools in Massachusetts. In this commentary, he shares a blueprint, which includes a focus on vision, goals, action plan, action and reflection.

”Will AI replace university lecturers? Not if we make it clear why humans matter”

Cash-strapped universities might be tempted by AI tutors, but they cannot reproduce human creativity or insight, writes Mark Haw, senior lecturer in chemical and process engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

Study: How smooth-talking professors can lull students into thinking they’ve learned more than they have

Students who engage in active learning learn more — but feel like they learn less — than peers in more lecture-oriented classrooms. That’s in part because active learning is harder than more passive learning, according to a new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.