How much of a difference does the number of kids in a classroom make?

Smaller classes are generally better for student achievement, says Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, director of the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University. However, it can be difficult to assess exactly what size of class is best, especially for middle- and high-school students, she writes.

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Så kan skolnärvaro främjas

Att skolfrånvaro och psykisk ohälsa hos unga hänger ihop har uppmärksammats under de senaste åren. En ny forskningsöversikt har sammanställt kunskapsläget för vilka faktorer som främjar skolnärvaro.

Protecting America’s schools – A U.S. Secret Service analysis of targeted school violence

This report builds on 20 years of NTAC research and guidance in the field of threat assessment by offering an in-depth analysis of the motives, behaviors, and situational factors of the attackers, as well as the tactics, resolutions, and other operationally-relevant details of the attacks. (pdf)

How principal professional development impacts school outcomes

A principal professional-development program that included 188 hours of training did not have the expected results, according to a report from the US Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences. Researchers found teachers whose principals participated reported less instructional support and feedback, and data shows slightly lower retention rates among principals.

Principal: Strategies to boost girls’ confidence

Principal Liz Garden convenes a group of fifth-grade girls at her elementary school in Massachusetts for conversations about confidence — centered around a book they all read. In this article, Garden describes how what began as mini-therapy sessions became much more.

The quest for equity in school leadership

All school leaders experience adversity, contention, trials, and tribulations during their tenures. However, leaders of color will almost certainly experience situations that have an additional layer of contention or adversity due to bias, stereotypes, and incorrect cultural perceptions.